Our research Unit brings together several teams/groups located at different University-Hospital locations. The overall objective of our Unit is to contribute – by using modern techniques of cellular and molecular biology, genomics and other high-throughput approaches – to a better understanding of of immune / inflammatory diseases and cancer. The unit, a joint group between INSERM and University of Strasbourg is structurally linked to the LabEx TRANSPLANTEX, the INSERM Franco-Japanese Nextgen HLA laboratory, expert in high-throughput sequencing of HLA genes and to the “Fédération Hospitalo-Universitaire” OMICARE, centered on a multi-omics approach of immune pathologies. In addition, the Next-Generation Sequencing platform GENOMAX is an integral part of the Unit. Finally, the Unit contributed to the spin-off of several innovative companies (start-ups).

Professor Seiamak BAHRAM,
Director of the Research Unit 1109 / Molecular ImmunoRheumatology